Automatic machines for a shoe-polish

Automatic machines for a shoe-polish

Today each person even in rainy weather wants to look respectable and tidy. For this reason automatic machines for a shoe-polish are very popular and at present, they can be met everywhere at offices of the different companies. As a rule, machines for a shoe-polish are used in cafe, office establishments, restaurants, and also hotels.

These devices from a usual network in 220 V.Mashinki for a shoe-polish work, are equipped with silent and at the same time rather powerful engine which joins automatically by means of photo cells, its shutdown occurs also automatically 1 minute later.

The rubber rug located in the machine for a shoe-polish collects all dust and dirt, and the ball batcher from a cleared surface then puts colourless cream which adds to footwear shine and tidy appearance on a footwear surface. The automatic machine for a shoe-polish does not demand in use special service and is equipped with special brushes from synthetic and natural fibers which qualitatively clear and polish footwear.

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