HP prepares tablet on the webOS

HP prepares tablet on the webOS

Frankly speaking, now nobody can tell with confidence that HP will present soon the first tablet which is known as Slate on court of users. If several weeks ago all were sure that its exit just about will take place, after HP bought Palm anybody has no confidence that this tablet will be issued. As declared HP after merge to Palm, it webOS, instead of something another very interests.

By data from the newspaper The Examiner, HP does not refuse tablet, but instead of Slate she intends to deduce on the market other model – Hurricane. Most likely, the mobile device will work under control of webOS, and its exit should take place in the III quarter. The matter is that process of merge of HP and Palm should be complete till July 31.

So or not, while it is hard to say, but by data the informed sources, HP really made the decision to refuse from Slate.

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