Google, and Nokia prepare for HP iPad

Google, and Nokia prepare for HP iPad

Fever in the market of so-called tablet proceeds, and apparently, iPad will have very strong contenders soon, the American The New York Times newspaper writes. According to this source, not only HP and Nokia, but also Google and Microsoft will present on court of users the first tablet soon. Moreover, NYT argues that by the end of this year of HP will show to the world the second tablet. Data about it is mute while are very poor, but NYT reports that among employees of HP this model is known under the name Half-Pint and it is equipped with the 6-inch touch display.

As to Microsoft, development of its first tablet, Courier, is not finished yet. According to the informed sources, now the given model passes test. The final decision about start of Courier is yet accepted, as Microsoft still weighs all pros and cons, but according to all available data from, at Courier not one, and the whole two screens.

It should be noted that Google too wants to enter the tablet market. As Eric Schmidt (Eric Schmidt), the chief executive officer of Google recently declared, now its company actively carries on negotiations with publishers of newspapers and magazines concerning granting a digital content for the planshetnik. The mobile device, most likely, will work under control of modified, instead of the standard Android OS version, as in a case with Notion Ink Adam or ICD Gemini.

For its part, Nokia too understands that the tablet market possesses huge potential but it is very likely that the well-known Finnish company works over E-book reader creation, instead of tablet. While a little that is known about this model, but it will precisely support 3G. By data from various sources, the mobile device can be equipped with the E-Ink, Mirasol, LCD or OLED display, but Nokia yet did not make a final choice.

So or not, while it is hard to say, but we think that the situation will clear up soon.

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