HP DreamScreen 400 is a touch monoblock is based on Linux

HP DreamScreen 400 is a touch monoblock is based on Linux

“That for a feature? Looks cool. What cool icons. Whether I can touch them? I can? Really? Wow.” Such words describe our infantile mental process at the first meeting with DreamScreen 400 (do not mix with DreamScreen a photo frame), a new monoblock from HP. Despite that this product is created for the market of India, after all it is interesting to look at this experiment. HP long time tries to define itself as the producer of systems on the basis of the Windows operating system, and now comes back to Linux OS scene through this fine touch monoblock.

DreamScreen 400 works at one of Linux options, has a friendly touch cover from above and shows alternative, in which HP decided to advance Linux on the market of desktop systems. Here to you one more alternative of Windows. Let’s look, how successful it will be. However, at present this system equipped with the monitor 18,5 inches, it is possible to buy only in India, for the sum about $450.

Let’s look, as as this handsome man does:

  • It is possible to use the virtual keyboard also, as well as wire or wireless. It is possible to choose elements of the interface as a finger on the touch screen or a mouse as all these years got used.
  • To create the user accounts extremely simply, and to be switched between them even easier.
  • Switching between languages is carried out by the screen buttons, each language has the.
  • The guest mode – exists possibility to come into system as the guest. The separate button on the login screen is for this purpose taken away.
  • The homepage contains labels of programs – almost all of them are focused on work either about the Internet, or with multimedia.
  • The button indicator of video calls shows quantity of the passed video calls.
  • Viewing of DVD and listening of audio-disks probably thanks to the built-in player.

In summary it is possible to tell that HP DreamScreen 400 is interesting alternative of Windows OS in which all possibilities are literally at distance one-two clique. It is a pity that it will enjoy only in India.

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