Victorinox Slim. The Swiss flash card

Victorinox Slim. The Swiss flash card

The producer of knifes, the Victorinox company let out the whole galaxy of flash cards of the Slim series which the look remind the Swiss knifes. To tell the truth, it also is the most real Swiss knifes, nevertheless you will not find the ground edge in them and you even will pass with them aboard the plane.

Flash Victorinox Slim and Slim Duo stores possess all characteristics of the Swiss knife. Here to you and small knife, pricker and scissors. The Slim version is issued in volume 64Гб. On a flash card it is possible to establish the password. Victorinox Slim Duo is issued already with volume 128Гб.

But that is even more interesting, so it is Victorinox Secure SSD – the smallest 256Гб the SSD store which is delivered together with the special protective software which can automatically do бэкапы.

Unfortunately, information on the price and the beginning of sales while is not present.

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