Plantronics K100. An automobile speakerphone

Plantronics K100. An automobile speakerphone

The Plantronics company showed at the CES exhibition 2011 new automobile Bluetooth K100 speakerphone. The gadget has two microphones and uses the DSP technology (digital processing of a signal) which allows to receive the accurate and not littered voice signal deprived of extraneous noise on an exit.

The device as can brag of technology of suppression of an echo and the built-in FM transmitter. Thus, besides communication, the user can listen to music, подкасты and even to use GPS navigation from the smartphone. Management too the very convenient. Big buttons will not allow the owner to miss by necessary, and at the same time it will be not obligatory to put eyes out of the way. And special кнопа a sound blackout (the sound, by the way, it can be disconnected and voice team) will allow to take pleasure in silence of night roads.

The price for Plantronics K100 makes $79.99

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