Monthly Archives April 2015

Victorinox Slim. The Swiss flash card

The producer of knifes, the Victorinox company let out the whole galaxy of flash cards of the Slim series which the look remind the Swiss knifes. To tell the truth, it also is the most real Swiss knifes, nevertheless you will not find the ground edge in them andRead More

Pillow with loudspeakers from Century

Periodically you face a product, which do not know how to classify: as completely creative or completely mad. It is a question of a pillow with loudspeakers for iPod/iPhone from Century. There are three models of pillows which are equipped with a konnektor forRead More

HP prepares tablet on the webOS

Frankly speaking, now nobody can tell with confidence that HP will present soon the first tablet which is known as Slate on court of users. If several weeks ago all were sure that its exit just about will take place, after HP bought Palm anybody has no confidenceRead More

Hours of Tron

Film Tron: Heritage already show at all cinemas of the world. On this case of Yanko Design developed a concept of hours, guess - under what name? Well, certainly Tron Watch! A futuristic look hours are executed in style of the film with the same name. NumbersRead More

ID1-SWAT: The radio-controlled helicopter from Rotor Concept

The Rotor Concept company showed the last development – the helicopter on remote control of ID1-SWAT. The radius of management by helicopter reaches to 1 mile and 600 meters in height. The helicopter has the whole 13 navigation lamps so it can be started evenRead More

Plantronics K100. An automobile speakerphone

The Plantronics company showed at the CES exhibition 2011 new automobile Bluetooth K100 speakerphone. The gadget has two microphones and uses the DSP technology (digital processing of a signal) which allows to receive the accurate and not littered voice signalRead More