Monthly Archives March 2015

Plastic Logic the color electronic reader in 2012 plans to let out

Despite a delay of release the first and while the unique product - the electronic book QUE proReader - the Plastic Logic company declared that plans to begin mass release of its following version. The device will be equipped with the color display on the basisRead More

The TDK boombox at the price of $499

The TDK company let out the boombox with the simple name Three-Speaker Boombox. In January of the next year the device will be presented at the international exhibition of the consumer electronics (CES) which is annually carried out in Las Vegas. TheRead More

LaCie represents the 4th port USB 3.0

The LaCie company represents the new USB concentrator, the Hub4 model, designed for the computers equipped with USB 3.0 port. The concentrator unites in system four ports USB 3.0, supporting total speeds to 5gbit/with, under condition of connection to one USBRead More

Stamp.y – the chamber with the fast press

That will be not not thought up only by producers to pay attention to the gadgets. And some devices do not leave a concept stage, but look, all the same, enough funny., Certainly, it is possible to carry the Stamp.y chamber which prints the finished shooting imagesRead More

The brightest pocket small lamp

Eon Extreme from Sinclair applies for a rank of the most powerful pocket small lamp among all presented in the market. In the size there is more than credit card, he is accurate in the plastic case, has two powerful light-emitting diodes and really very brightlyRead More

Motoworkr: phone stethoscope

We live when the latest technologies turn cell phones into portable multimedia systems, allocating them are more increasing possibilities. Therefore hardly anyone will be surprised, having seen in a pocket of the attending physician the innovative smartphoneRead More