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Vizio begins sales of the 7-inch LED TV

The American manufacturing company of Vizio HD TVs of the beginning of sale of the new portable 7-inch VMB070 TV on which it is possible to look any translations in the ATSC and NTSC formats without necessity of the conclusion of any contracts. The screen of aRead More

Taylor 550 an ideal accessory for a bathroom

It would seem, usual scales, and what with them it is possible to make the new? It appears it is possible! For simplification of life of those people which because of own stomach cannot make out that there намеряли scales, a digital projection can be deduced onRead More

Racing wheel of Fanatec Porsche 911 GT2

To buy Porsche, certainly, not many I presume, however if you flare passion to this brand at you there is a possibility to get steering-wheel from this car. The Fanatec company let out a new game wheel of Porsche 911 GT2. Among supported platformsRead More

article 1153

The London Natural History Museum (Natural History Museum) known around the world for the collection of skeletons of dinosaurs, released the new interactive film which can be looked through, walking on showroom. Walk with dinosaurs became possible at the expenseRead More

Sharp Shooter – a new accessory for Sony PlayStation

The Sony company presented a new accessory for the game console PlayStation which became the Sharp Shooter controler for shooters from the first person. The novelty includes navigation functions, and also a functional of the controler of the movement Move thatRead More

Look for a warm jacket for the winter?

On sale there was a jacket with heating from the storage M12™ RED LITHIUM™ battery. The new jacket warms your body, stimulating and improving blood circulation. Three-zonal climate control provides a maximum of freedom of movements and comfort. The jacket isRead More