Monthly Archives December 2014

Hours of Kisai Satellite

The next concept of hours created by the ordinary user of the blog was realized and available on sale. On a choice offer two colors – white and black. It is possible to order directly from a site. It is a little information. The Tokyo Flash companyRead More

The Thanko webcam is on guard

Quality of the picture at webcams incessantly grows, however very few people from them can brag of rather three-dimensional image. Very few people, but not Thanko product. Thanks to bioptichesky system and special points this producer argues that the 3D-pictureRead More

Bookeen represents a chitalka for Europeans

Bookeen presented a latest model of a chitalka for electronic books, Cybook Orizon intended for the European buyer. The main highlight of a gadget – in the large touch display with the increased contrast and support multi-tach. In comparison with the previousRead More

Panasonic prepared two SDHC

As it became known, today Panasonic officially declared an exit of two-superfast memory cards - RP-SDY08G and RP-SDY16G. In fact, it is the first cards using the UHS-I interface which, as we know, is a part of the SD Memory Card Specification Ver.3.01 standardRead More

Release of Plastic Logic QUE is postponed for uncertain time

Plastic Logic again imperceptibly postponed QUE proReader device release. The company postpones release already in the second time, however this time was told nothing about when the electronic book with the touch screen should go on sale. All already made preordersRead More

Sifteo deduce games on new level

Interactive computer cubes of Sifteo represent the realized MIT Media Lab project of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology which purpose became essentially new, intuitively clear for the person level of management digital information. Each small Sifteo computerRead More